Online Safety PowerPoint Project

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Partners - Topic:

  1. Social networking (MySpace) information for parents - Alex, Alex, Austin
  2. Kids safety tips for Social networking sites (MySpace) - NOT DOING
  3. Online bullying - Ben, Anthony, Kyle
  4. Chat room safety (AIM) - Adam, Aishwarya, Rachel
  5. Email (Yahoo, Gmail) - Kim, Megan, Lauren
  6. Photo sharing (Flickr) - Serena, Jana, Aparna
  7. Internet statistics - Hollin, Wyatt
  8. Online safety laws - Zuhair, Kyle, Gabe
  9. Case studies (Examples of +/- uses of online use) - Victoria, Madeleine, Audrey
  10. Blog Safety (Blogger) - Greg, Werner, Nick
  11. Software filter programs - Lily,Lavanya, Elizabeth
  12. Video sharing ( YouTube) -
  13. Your online profile: What does it say about you? Monica, Claire, Celia

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